UX Front-End Designer / Developer based in Portland, OR


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  • 2006 Web Development
  • 2007 Design & Illustration
  • 2008 Computer Hardware Support
  • 2009 UX Design & Development
  • 2010 Video Game Development
  • 2012 Front-End Development
  • 2013 Mobile Development
  • 2015 Front-End Architecture
  • 2017 Front-End Engineering


Inspiring Workflow

I aspire to learn and educate enhancements to colleagues to facilitate opportunities.

Speed Optimization

Speed is a focus for me. Trimming latency and cutting bloat is my specialty.

Quality Programming

I don't just complete a projects. I make them maintainable and timeless.

Code Methodologies

When approaching a new project I use best practices and code methodologies to develop not only unique experiences but also scalable ones that are maintainable.

Strategic Execution

I'm well versed in a multitude of software tools, techniques and technologies to effectively execute on projects. Comparable to a software engineer I find solutions to problems quickly.

Testing and Debugging

I have a lot of experience maintaining deprecated code and I'm proficient with my knowledge of platforms and web standards. I'm confident that issues and flaws are non-existant.

Work Discipline

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have analysed a bunch of different software development processes to integrate into facilitating proactive research and confident deliveries.